Past Exhibits


"Home At Last"

By Gayle Gerson


Gayle was born in Troy, New York in 1948 and currently lives in the shadow of the Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction, Colorado as she has for almost thirty years with her husband, George. George and Gayle have two grown children and enjoy
traveling throughout the world.

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"Cartoons at Work"

By Don Benjamin

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"Reproduction, Representation & Legitimation"

By Bryan Dean Daniel

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"Daphna & Friends

In the past 40 years or so I have been blessed with friends in the arts.  Those showing hear are both local and work in the field of sculpture.

They have become my friends for varied reasons, and I am grateful to have them in this exhibit with me. ~ Daphna Russell


"Western Inspirations"

Marko Marino

"Wildlife of Delta County"

Larry Dumler

"Western Inspirations"

Paintings by Roger Milway

and Marty Rathburn

"Western Inspirations"

Paintings by Roger Milway

and Marty Rathburn

"Daredevils & Sideshows"

Paintings by Joe Milich

Sculptures by Michael Short

"Daredevils and Sideshows"

Paintings by Joe Milich

Sculptures by Michael Short

"Thank You Colorado Grand"

Classic Car Watercolors

by Dale Russell Smith

Dale Russell Smith has been 'serious' about watercolors for about 20 years now and has been painting full time since 2003.  He works almost exclusively from photographs he composes and shoots himself.  His goal is to capture the unique light and essence of the subject.

“A fifty-year retrospective look at the diversified art forms of
Karen Brueggemann”

Ever since the first box of crayons, Karen knew she wanted to create stuff.  She took every art class offered in junior high and high school.  Shortly after she was married, she started painting with oils, joined an art league and started selling her work at art shows.  It wasn’t long before this became her way of life.

Virginia Blackstock

"The Music of My Soul"

Virginia is a professional Watercolorist who has had her paintings published in 5 Watercolor books,  American Artist Magazine, The Artist Magazine, and International Artist Magazine.  She has an article in the April/May 2019 edition of International Artist Magazine.