Our Entertainment and Live Auction will be presented via Zoom

Helpful Hints If You Are New to Zoom

 (If you are familiar with Zoom, scroll to FAQ ~ Review the FAQ and click "Join Auction")

Zoom Meeting ID: 841 2666 3654

Zoom Passcode: 046447

Join by phone #: +1 669-900-6833

You can join the auction on your computer, phone, or pad.  To join the Live Auction and Entertainment this evening, click on the “Join Auction” button below. This will open Zoom Meetings. 

  • A box will appear that will ask you to open Zoom Meetings. Click Open Zoom Meeting. 

  • If this does not work, or you do not see the box, click the blue “Join Meeting” button.

  • You will be asked to enter your name.  It is important you enter your name so we can acknowledge your bid.

  • You will be asked join with or without video… this is your choice (but we'd love to see your smiling face).  You can also choose to join with computer audio, but all attendees will be muted and unable to speak.

  • Make sure the sound is turned up on your computer. 

  • Open the meeting in full screen by clicking “Enter Full Screen” in the upper righthand corner of the Zoom Video.  You will see the following controls on the bottom of your screen:





You will be muted during the session and unable to unmute yourself to speak but will have the ability to utilize chat. 

  • To chat, click on the Chat icon.  Type your message and click send.  Someone will respond to you in the same chat box.

  • You can start and stop your video at any time. 

  • To prepare for the auction and bidding, you’ll need to be ready to raise your hand.

  • There should be icons next to your name (in the lower left corner) to raise your hand.  If you do not see these icons, click on the Participants icon at the bottom of the screen. 

  • A box will appear showing Participants and Attendees.  Click on Attendees and find your name. 

  • There should be an option to raise your hand next to your name.  Use this to raise your hand to bid on an item. 

  • See Zoom FAQ on our website for more information about bidding.

  • To leave the Zoom broadcast, click “End” in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, or simply hit the X in the top righthand corner of your screen, then click “Leave Meeting”.


Changing Zoom Name.

  • Click on the Participants icon at the bottom of the screen and find your name. 

  • Next to your name there should be a “more” button.  Click on “more”.  “Rename” will appear. 

  • Click Rename and enter the name you want displayed and called out to acknowledge your bids.

  • If you do not see the “more” button, right click on your name, select “Rename”, and enter the name you want displayed and called out to acknowledge your bids.



Do I need the Zoom Application installed to join?

No, you do not need an app.  Simply click the button “Join Auction” and the Zoom meeting will open.  See “Zoom Instructions” to join the meeting.

Do I have to enter my name?

Yes.  Because this is a live auction, we will need to know your name to acknowledge your bid.  If you have joined without entering your name, you can go back and change your name.  See “Change Zoom Name” for instructions.

How do I place a bid?

At the bottom of your screen in Zoom, there should be an icon to raise hand.  When you bid, simply click raise hand.  We will verbally acknowledge your bid once your hand is raised.  Once we acknowledge your bid, be sure to lower your hand.  If you raised your hand to bid and you were not acknowledged, lower your hand so you can bid again by raising it.  It is important not to leave your hand raised, or we will assume you are continuing to bid.

What if you miss my bid?

As with any auction, several people may raise their hand to bid on an item.  We will acknowledge the first hand we see and continue with the bidding.  Be sure to lower your hand if you were not acknowledged so you can bid again.

What if I have a question during the auction?

There is a chat box you can use to communicate with us.  To initiate a chat, tap your screen to make the controls appear.  Tap More, and then tap Chat. You can type your chat message and click Send.  Please note there we only be one person monitoring the chat box, so please be patient.



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